Why Select Melanie Grimes as Your Mediator?

“My passion is to help people create positive change in their lives. Using my services as mediator, individuals deeply entrenched in conflict often come to complete agreement on all issues and leave the process with a sense of relief and even renewal.

“I love what I do as a mediator, and it shows in my approach to mediation.  My focus is helping people see their way through a difficult dispute so they can move forward, empowered by making their own decisions. My mediation style combines keen listening, idea generating, problem solving, savvy negotiation, creativity and compassion.

“By continuing my commitment to offer superior mediation services at a reasonable rate, I make mediation more accessible to those who may greatly benefit from this process. Whether a dispute is in litigation or the goal is to resolve a dispute without litigation, my mediation services offer an efficient and cost-effective tool compared to the complex and naturally adversarial court system.”

“The success of what many have called my ‘unique’ and ‘refreshing’ mediation style is reflected in the client comments and attorney comments featured on this website.”

—Melanie E. Grimes